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Welcome to The Spike


This website features The Spike, a newsletter on Native American Powwows and American Indian Powwows along the East Coast, in the area from Eastern Canada south to Florida and all states East of the Mississippi River.   

This site is for the active and novice powwow aficionados and all stages in between. It is also, for powwow participants seeking knowledge of the locations of powwows in the east, specifically dancers, vendors, drums and entertainers.  

On this site we offer information on State and Federally Recognized Indian tribes. There are many groups claiming legitimacy as tribes and nations. Some have a base in reality - many do not. This is important to buyers of "Indian Made" and "Native American Made" arts and crafts as defined by the Federal Arts and Crafts Law. We strongly urge all collectors and buyers, whether purchasing items at Powwows or through any dealer to verify that they are purchasing legitimate Indian art and crafts. The livelihood of many Indian people depend on your being a discriminating shopper.

  This site also contains the Great Law of the Iroquois. It is substantial and gives the visitor an intense and accurate view of the sophisticated levels of diplomacy and democracy involved in the hierarchy of an Indian Nation.


Jimmy Boy Dial

Native American/American Indian Powwows